Sustainability of Diwali

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Diwali, the “Festival of Lights” is a cherished Indian festival where families and friends come together to exchange presents while setting up colorful lamps and diyas. While, this is a big time for celebration, there comes a cost with these activities, due to the air and noise pollution as well as large amounts of waste.

Fireworks are often set ablaze during Diwali throughout the country of India. While the government has tried to ban these fireworks, it has failed to be enforced. The chemicals in fireworks leads to harmful smoke in the area that can be inhaled by bystanders. Furthermore, the noise pollution can lead to anxiety in humans, stray dogs and other animals. Finally, piles of trash can be found strewn everywhere after the celebrations, adding to an already serious trash issue.

The government still attempts to put restrictions on fireworks every year, but they still are not being fully implemented. The people of the country could also make an effort to educate their children about the dangers of fireworks to help solve this crisis.


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